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Knowing the law and studying hard is not enough to pass the CA Bar Exam. When writing a Ca Bar exam essay, there is nore to it than simply following IRAC.

In California, analysis is the key to passing. It is not enough to have the right head notes. Your writing must convey a well reasoned and coherent thought process that displays legal knowledge within the analysis.

There is a distinctive difference between a performance test and an essay exam.

With an essay exam, the candidate draws upon general legal knowledge that is subject specific. There are no cases to compare, contrast or distinguish when writing an essay.

With a performance test, the candidate is being tested on their ability to use case law. Using case law, incidentally, does not mean the candidate should be aware only of a case’s holding and rationale.

What makes a case’s holding and rationale pertinent are the facts contained therein. After all, the best case one can find during research is a case that has the desired holding and similar, if not, exact facts.

Therefore, case comparison is vital to achieving a passing grade.

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Why BarPerfect is Different

What we provide in a critique is much better than the usual cursory comments, like “Use the facts”, “Make sure you IRAC,” “Make sure you underline”, “Make sure to use head notes”, and so forth.

But we do more than simply tell what you’re doing wrong. We show you how to do it right.

BarPerfect teaches:

(1) How to write sentences and paragraphs of analysis before you begin writing full-blown essay responses, so that your essay attempts are grounded in sound writing theories.

(2) The difference between listing and using the facts.

(3) How to convey legal knowledge within your analysis

(4) How sufficiently use case law (i.e., compare / contrast / distinguish case law).

Without this knowledge, you will never be able to write a passing essay or performance test for the CA bar exam.

We help turn around bad bar-exam writing better than any other course on planet Earth. It’s true!

Isn’t it time finally time to commit to a unique and proven process than can actually make a difference?

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"I am so glad that I didn't let those law blogs sway me with those fictitious attacks on so many courses and so many tutors. Actually, it was easy to see through them ... Now I am an attorney. Because of Barperfect."
Cheryl Petropoulos, Esq

"I would like to recommend BARPERFECT. I found their step-by-step approach to essay writing to be very logical. And, while it sounded simple, it was awkward, at first, to apply. But, after a few weeks, it became second nature. By the time I took the bar exam, the bar exam really did seem simple. Also, I was impressed with my mentor’s knowledge of the law and his ability to hone in on the points that I was having trouble with."
Kristina Beavers, Esq.

This is an understatement: Barperfect prepares you better than the big well-marketed companies ever could.
Barperfect really works! And it's affordable. Not cheap, but affordable. They could be charging a whole lot more."
Jennille Smith , Attorney at Law

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